The Legion of Honor – part two – ancient artifacts



Can I always say and do the right thing,
I only want to bring uplifting vibes,
I’m a peaceful man,
I just have a hard time being able to stand being bothered,
If I’m minding my business why can’t people mind thiers,
No one cares about my problems or if I’m upset,
So I try not to project my feelings onto others,
God help me control my emotions,
God help me be the man you want me to be,
I want to be perfect,
That’s an impossibility,
What is a possibility is faith and self restraint,
Easier said than done where I’m from,
I got to give more time to the man upstairs,
So down here on earth I can find some real Peace.

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Faith — Orlando Espinosa

Jesus Message.

Kindness - Wisdom💥

Jesus Message.

My beautiful family I left the earth and returned to heaven and as promised you received the holy Spirit for those who worked for me until I returned. Now the time will come when I return and gather those who have been faithful to me. Those that have not will reap what they have sown. You all look out at the world and it is as I said it would be. There many intellectuals and are imposters. There are many people with contacts among the rich and famous and speak well but act never like a person of my heart. Yet I ask of many of the poor and downtrodden and they serve me above all. It was the same in the times I came among you so it is no surprise. The key was to serve me and gain a freedom that will bring glory upon you…

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Released in 1880, this is the very first publicly sold bottle of Coca-Cola. It contained around 3.5 grams of cocaine.

Kindness - Wisdom💥

I found this old Photo in Dads photos

Enjoy the old days history.

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My lovely Krazy K, a-floating in the ether!?

Kindness - Wisdom💥

“HEAVEN’S IN MY HEART OF HEARTS!” a poem Sunday: Sept. 16, 2018 {painting: “{He}artform Yen,” acrylic & charcoal}

We love to talk of Heaven, descriptions & assumptions,*

Such poor ideas (after-millenia!) – our thoughts? are merely “bump(k)-tions!”

My lovely Krazy K, a-floating in the ether!?

What’s left of her? Right here-HER BODY! & we, of course, have “wreathed” her,

And NOW, we speculate:

“Her soul – has gone UP THERE!”

Our-descriptions are preposterous! I miss here smile and hair;

I miss her laugh and touch – I miss her smell, so sweet –

But, she will never leave me – for every day I greet,

My angel in my Heart of Hearts; it’s Heaven there for us.

Our memories! Our perfect love – Our-Heaven?=


fin. ❤

* – Divine – and other!!

True story written by an unknown Author

True story written by an unknown Author

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En Puerto Iguazú, la postal brasileña, Parque das Aves


El avión aterrizó abriéndose paso en un cielo despejado y reluciente que contrastaba de manera drástica con el paisaje que habíamos dejado atrás: mientras nuestra ciudad atlántica despertaba brumosa y helada y Buenos Aires caía con toda su espesa humedad sobre sus agitados habitantes, Puerto Iguazú era un remanso soleado y límpido en el que la temperatura prometía no menos de 25 grados para los días subsiguientes.

Puerto Iguazú es una ciudad pequeña situada en el extremo nordeste de la provincia de Misiones, cuyo desarrollo se encuentra signado por los 17 kilómetros que la separan de los impresionantes saltos de agua que conforman las Cataratas del Iguazú. Los ríos Paraná e Iguazú se fusionan en este punto geográfico y conforman tres costas diversas, cada una con características peculiares debido a que pertenecen a países distintos y dan origen a la llamada Triple Frontera: Puerto Iguazú, Foz do Iguaçu y Ciudad…

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