Daisy Days

Friendly Fairy Tales


crowded banks of daisies
drowse and nod,

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

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The last scene..

Try to get it!

After the movie had finished, I began to cry sadly..

I was about 10 years when I watched the story of the elephant man on the T.V.

The last scene was curved in my memory..

The elephant man returned home and was so happy..it was the happiest time in his life…it was the first time to receive such nice words in a party made for him…he committed suicide as soon as he went home.

The man used to hear bad words from people during his whole life..

That evening was the only day to hear good words from other people …

So he decided to commit suicide…he wanted that evening to be the last time for him in that cruel life…

I am against suicide of course but I understand his situation…

Anyway …what I wanted to say is that words can do much…words can change the world to better…

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