The story of last supper painting

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

Check out Jims post

It’s a hilarious story so I really think you should visit Jims blog.

Here’s my interpretation of the last supper painting. I did it some years ago. I think last supper would look like this today if Jesus would return to our world. No one would notice because they’re to busy following their new god AI.

What do you think would happen if Jesus came back today?


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Solace for Lovers

House of Heart

In October the pines  ooze resin.

Lofty crows flit among  rusty leaves.

Wisteria once so pleasant choke the burdened trellis,

their summer petals decomposing on a rusty gate.

From the branches of evergreens huddled lyrebirds

sing  cantilenas,  create their finest opus.

Below the smokey clouds my hands reach

to the heavens awaiting downy verses to fall

like feathers to my  ears.

I remain unwritten,  a journal of blank pages,

abandoned by a woman feigning nonchalance.

Today my eyes are a  brooding storm,

shades of a  deep night without a dawning.

In the forest a nightingale sings her  song

somehow her soft refrain makes it easier to bear.

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Happiness 💥💥


“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

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Thank you, Australian is a great Country 🤗🤗


Did you know we have camel’s too🤗

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Herzlich Willkommen bei Lis

Der Mensch ist nicht ein Ton,

den der Erzieher nach seinem Gefallen modeln kann,

sondern eine Pflanze die ihre besondere Natur

und Gestalt mitbringt,

und von ihm nur als von einem Gärtner gepflegt,

großgezogen und zu ihrer höchstmöglichen

Vollkommenheit gebracht werden kann.

Der Erzieher wird nie bewirken,

 dass auf einem wilden Apfelbaum

ein Pfirsich wachse,

aber er wird es dahin bringen können,

dass die Äpfel dieses Baumes süß werden.


Christian Garve

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*Someone will Come along*😁


Someone who understands that you get jealous and anxious

Someone who knows the fears you have rooted deep in your past and hold you when you’re feeling scared

Someone who can’t dance but dances with you anyway they can’t sing well but they sing to you anyway

Even though anything you cook for them burns they make love to you until you cry and know exactly what to say to make you smile they leave you feeling helplessly in love

Someone who plays happily as you fall asleep at night you’ll wonder how you ever got so lucky

Just be patient someone come along

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Zinnia Zephyr

Friendly Fairy Tales


red-orange flames,
breeze across the zinnias
thick with summer scent

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

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