What goes around comes around, or Is It all upside down,

People get what they deserve but who are those who deserve.?

We get what we get, what kind of philosophy would that be,

Are we punished by god In the end or Is there ongoing punishment.

‘Karma” the belief that what you do bad or good, will, In fact, affect you,

The thought that a person will suffer the consequences for their wrong.

It appears that so many escape all the criminal acts that they do In life,

Could It be that through all of this that their every day Is In some way a prison?

I believe we all pay each day for that which we do In a bad way,

Unless we are of good or change our ways then again one day we will surely pay.

Keith Garrett

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Painter Raphael on film, review

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This video says about itself:

Raphael: The Lord of the Arts – Extended Theatrical Trailer

24 March 2017

Raphael – the Lord of the Arts is the first film adaptation of the life and work of one of the most famous artists in the world, Raphael Sanzio. Few figures in the history of art have lived a life so full of intensity and fascination. He died young, aged 37, and yet managed to leave an indelible mark on the artistic world. In a well-balanced dialogue between historical reconstruction and expert commentary, the film retraces the most significant moments of Raphael’s life.

Set in 20 locations, two of which are major exclusives – the Vatican Logge and Cardinal Bibbiena’s apartment in the Apostolic Palace – the film explores more than 30 works of art, including the most famous and most representative of Raphael’s work. Beauty comes to life through the brushwork…

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