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Morning Friends
Maybe you may need this today
Suffering affects every person in many ways
These sad moments are another stepping stone in lives journey all will face. These moments in your life are personal. The world on Monday morning are running on and you really do not understand when YOU are suffering how people out there are going around there lives. Yes we all have been there many times before in different stages of life. Maybe you may need these kind words to allow your grief to settle. Those loved ones around you are grieving for you to find peace. Life sorrows impact on your trials seeing you hurt. Maybe, hurt, grief is a natural response but don’t forget your love ones in your passage through life. You are needed, everyone loves somebody. Give them special time too, even to just give them a smile a hug tell them…

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Be Content With What You Have — Orlando Espinosa

Dear Mother Earth 2018

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

I am so sorry you have to experience anthropocene.

Since I wrote to you in 2016 it feels like we humans haven’t done a single thing to make the anthropocene an anastrophe (opposite of catastrophe).

I’m sorry for your melting glaciers, your burning forests, the tsunamis and all asphalt and concrete we humans smothering your delicate skin with.

I’m sorry for our endless stupidity that prevents us from doing you good.

I’m sorry and totally understand if you think we are no longer worthy citizens on planet Earth, your beautiful home.

We have absolutely no excuses for our abuse against you. We can’t even blame our politicians because we have chosen them to rule human world. Okay, they think they have authority to rule over you as well, but you have definitely not chosen them!

I want to tell you that some of us humans constantly try to get more…

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The Pay Day

Inspire me

Life is like human, a sincere and honest human. It has eyes, it sees your deeds, and all you do is stored up for a pay day. Nothing goes unattended to in life. Your good is not forgotten, reward will definitely come.

… To be doing good deeds is man’s most glorious task.

Our planet earth is always in circles. Nothing stay permanent, each season is for a time. You have been doing good and it looks like you are not getting any good, don’t get tired, your season for good is just around the corner.

No matter how small the good you are doing is, there’s a reward for it and the same goes for doing bad. There is a pay for every action, it might come early or late but certainly the pay will come.

I have been seeing people get paid for their deed in life both…

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💥Peace & Truth

Jesus message.

To be real and one with me you need to take ownership of the truth which is always going to be truth, That is Love , for I am love and create all with love and if you accept me its your way home to truth and vibrations of loving peace, joy , and the connection of us as one, makes you a loving creator with my life I freely give to you. But you need to choose it for your heart is calling you to rise to the oneness I speak of. The times you have entered require you to love yourself knowing you are one with me by doing so, this also makes you a light for others to see with clarity.

Dearest Jesus thank you for your love and assistence to be a light for you and to draw many of us to truth, in…

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