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Trump:The American Years

My dream wedding was going to be in the fall(it ended up being in May).

Every young lady dreams of her gown. (1970 Vintage)

from the simple

to the more elegant.

It was going to be one or the other (it ended up being neither).Yes,we picked out those gowns.I still can’t find my favorite;the Vintage gown(1968?) based on the movie Romeo and Juliette.
I thought 6 children would be fantastic(one was).
The first serious boyfriend came back from VietNam and had plans to start a farm.Nothing against farms,but I didn’t envision that life.The 2nd serious boyfriend was a Marine,again a VietNam vet. I was still young and had too many doubts.
Wouldn’t you know I married late in life.It wasn’t exactly the plan.The hope was to meet someone who’d be great to be with every single day-marriage is a very long time- and would make a great father to boot.I…

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