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The inimitable Dad’s Army is one of my favourite comedy series of all time. I find it extraordinary that it is 50 years old this year, which means I was eleven or twelve years old when the first episode was broadcast. Such joy it provided and still does. Funnily enough, I associate it with the Isle of Wight as it always seemed to be showing when we were here for our summer holidays and it was raining. We’d snuggle down inside our Victorian railway carriage and watch it on a tiny black & white television. There is nothing today that provides such perfect family entertainment.

‘This is going to be a complete disaster’ … the Home Guard regulars in a 1968 episode. Photograph: BBC/Sportsphoto/Allstar ‘This is going to be a complete disaster’ … the Home Guard regulars in a 1968 episode. Photograph: BBC/Sportsphoto/Allstar

To explore the history of Dad’s Army, you have to enter a near-military environment. Speed bumps, vehicle checks and CCTV impede the route to the building in…

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Impossible things, are they to be imagined,?

Too walk on the moon, travel to Mars.

See and touch the oceans’ floor,

Climb a mountain and reach for more.

It can be done, walking from coast to coast,

Break the sound barrier, faster than the speed of sound.

Travel in a balloon, across the world you go,

Fly in the sky, jump from the highest height.

Impossible things, impossible you say,

To rid the world of disease and cancer,

Can this be a possibility one day?

To love one another, hold hands across this world,

Terror put to an end, war, only a bad dream.

To all possible things, to the next one who can make it a reality.

Keith Garrett

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María Magdalena, Cheverry, piel afinada


Con escasa presencia de público que determinó la exhibición limitada a unos pocos días fue estrenada en la ciudad María Magdalena, bajo la dirección de Gart Davis y con el rol principal desempeñado por una convincente Rooney Mara. En este caso, el director no padeció la ira y los improperios del Vaticano sino alguna reserva conservadora pese a la impronta rebelde de la protagonista, quien fiel a su búsqueda interna se niega a aceptar el rol pasivo que la época reservaba a las mujeres y, por añadidura, deviene en compañera y amante de Joaquín Phoenix en la piel de Jesús.

La película, con una fotografía notable e imágenes pausadas que conspiran contra la impronta frenética actual, presenta a la Magdalena desde el punto de vista del evangelio gnóstico: una mujer inteligente y sensible que no está dispuesta a casarse mansamente y engendrar una prole de niños para conformar a…

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Rose Poetry

Friendly Fairy Tales


pink petals
scent rises like hope
music on the wind

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

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