Kalla den Änglamarken – Paradise on Earth part 1

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

Detta inlägg går i repris från förra året. Nu kan du hjälpa till att försöka rädda kvar den natur som djuren i denna serie inlägg lever i. Deras existens hotas nu av ett vägbygge med vidhängande exploatering som kommer att ta bort den natur som djuren lever i. Många av arterna är rödlistade och alltså extra skyddsvärda. Om du vill hjälpa till: Skriv under uppropet Avbryt infart västra Trosa på följande länk.


This post is a rerun from last year. Now you can help save Trosa nature in Sweden where the animals in this series of posts live in. Their existence is now threatened by a road construction and exploitation that will remove the nature. Many of the species are red-listed and therefore extra worthy of protection. If you want to help: Please sign the petition Save Trosa nature on the following link

Vi som vill rädda Trosas…

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Ceniza en el espejo

Las crónicas del Otro Mundo

Sesenta vatios, ochocientos lúmenes. Dos bombillas de luz blanca, por fin. Hacía tantísimo tiempo que se había propuesto cambiar las luces del espejo del aseo, que siempre que había ido de compras había olvidado hacerse con ellas, como si la obtención de las mismas constituyese un vago recuerdo de una aspiración ya pasada. Pero aquel día, repentinamente, sucedió: al llegar a la caja del hipermercado en el que su esposa y él habían realizado la compra de la semana, en el expositor que reposaba a su derecha, se exhibía orgullosa una cohorte de estuches en oferta cuyo contenido se hallaba en disposición de iluminar de manera más efectiva su cuarto de baño. Fue el punto de inflexión ineludible en el que su ciertamente añeja voluntad de adquirir aquellos focos se convirtió en una obligación inapelable. Resultó un momento un tanto cómico para Adrián y Lucía: tras tanto tiempo aludiendo esporádicamente…

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August @alexa_wotus

Trump:The American Years

My dream wedding was going to be in the fall(it ended up being in May).

Every young lady dreams of her gown. (1970 Vintage)

from the simple

to the more elegant.

It was going to be one or the other (it ended up being neither).Yes,we picked out those gowns.I still can’t find my favorite;the Vintage gown(1968?) based on the movie Romeo and Juliette.
I thought 6 children would be fantastic(one was).
The first serious boyfriend came back from VietNam and had plans to start a farm.Nothing against farms,but I didn’t envision that life.The 2nd serious boyfriend was a Marine,again a VietNam vet. I was still young and had too many doubts.
Wouldn’t you know I married late in life.It wasn’t exactly the plan.The hope was to meet someone who’d be great to be with every single day-marriage is a very long time- and would make a great father to boot.I…

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stirring thoughts

The Lonely Author


stirring thoughts


Two sugars in my coffee
My spoon begins to churn
My mind becomes all milky
Over a girl I haven’t met

Sweetened thoughts of her
Swirl in my caffeine head
As if they were blended
By the lazy ceiling fan

Sinking into the whirlpool
Notions spiral out of control
The fan continues stirring thoughts
While my coffee is getting cold


In all honestly, this poem should be labeled as a collaboration because in her poem entitled “no one’s world” my dear friend G. of Short Prose -Fiction ended her wonderful piece with the line “and your coffee’s getting cold.”

Please, take a moment to read her powerful poem that inspired my write; and see how she used contrasting lines in her finale as a delicious exclamation point.

no one’s world.

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Luna de sangre, Mediterránea, Dorothy Gray


Los ciudadanos de varias ciudades del mundo alteraron sus rutinas sin distinción de razas ni religiones, porque el pasado 27 de julio un fenómeno astronómico singular se produjo como consecuencia del eclipse lunar más largo del año: el satélite de la Tierra se tornó rojizo, dando lugar a la denominada luna de sangre.

Cuando la luna se encuentra en su fase plena y se desplaza por la sombra de la Tierra donde reinan la oscuridad o penumbra, y el azul y verde de nuestro planeta se ven relegados por el resplandor rojizo producido por el sol, circunstancia que no resulta frecuente porque la órbita satelital se encuentra inclinada, se produce un eclipse lunar que da lugar a la luna de sangre. A diferencia de lo que sucede con los eclipses solares que sólo son visibles desde algunos lugares de nuestro planeta, en el caso del eclipse de luna…

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Later in the dark

House of Heart

At the wharf I sit on the damp wall and  sip my drink,  let  my mind slip  into the giant salamander of sea. The moon is a  glistening slice of neon,  her whisper carries on the wind, “moon child I love you too”.   Sinking further in I watch a  velvet Osprey swoop  my reflection up from the silver waves where the sighs of lovers are lost in a monsoon.  Old images flicker across my frontal lobe as I liberate sip by sip. That man with the golden veins doesn’t interest me anymore.  Maybe later when  my pearl skinned body breaks the surface I’ll bring him back again.

art by Steve Hanks

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🦊Love Story🐖 @alexa_wotus 💙

Trump:The American Years

‘It’s the Bible’,designed and created at Canva.com

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Morning drawings Morgonteckningar July 28-29 2018

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

Yesterdays drawing, well not so good, but I saw some ducks swimming by, they were quick and a little bit too far awy to get a good picture of them. Or was it geese? I don’t remember.

This morning I woke up at 3:52 to thunder and lightning. So I got up because I live near a forest and these days in Sweden with all wild fires you never know if lightning will hit badly. It’s very dry in nature, but we have natural forest and not plantations, so we should be a little more protected, or maybe it’s me tricking myself.

Anyway. At first I only heard thunder and lightning, no rain! T&L was a bit away and not over our heads. Then the rain came. It was pouring in the water barrels. Lovely! Water to nature and the garden. The T&L kept away this time, but only a…

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There would be no crime, no hurt filled minds,

Not a broken heart, no sorrowful cries.

No reason to say goodbye if no one went away or died,

Trash on the ground would not be found.

No hungry souls, no suffering for the old,

Prejudice and hate would not look you in the eyes.

No thought of murder, no wounds of war,

Not a lie from a tongue that causes pain,

Emotional scars would never be claimed.

In a perfect world, there would be no fear,

Not a poisoned word heard from an ear,

In a perfect world, heaven is the word.

Keith Garrett

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No 37 drawing in my goals for 2018

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

One more drawing on the way to the goal of 103 drawings. It’s still fun and I still get pictures in my head when I read the space poem I use as inspiration for the drawings.

En teckning till på min väg mot målet om totalt 103 teckningar. Jag har fortfarande roligt, får nya bilder i huvudet för varje vers jag läser, så jag fortsätter min teckningsresa in i det okända.


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