Trosa stadslopp 2018 – Runners in Trosa streets

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

First there’s nothing but a beautiful summer evening around 21:00

Then people start showing up waiting for something to happen.

First thing happening is a leader car and some bikers that means something else is coming.

The winner of the running race with 200 meters left to finish line.

After the elite group comes the elite of amateurs.

People cheer and carry each runner with their voices and applauds to the finish line 200 meters away.

Still runners in the race.

Everyone gets good backup from the audience. It is a very friendly atmosphere.

Some of those who finished the race on their way back home before everyone has finish. We’re still waiting for the last hero.

Can this be the last one?

Nope. It wasn’t. Here comes the two final heroes.

After that comes the follow car.

Race is now almost over.

Streets are empty again.

What a lovely…

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