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Seek Excellence ! / Morals.


You ask me my friend .”

How to achieve excellence ?”

Its easy ,just walk the path

Which the achievers walked .

There are so many well known ones.

Study their lives and fell their determinations.

You can navigate any field you want then chose.

Its very important to find out what made those,

Achievers so extraordinary unique people?

You have to follow the same principal and morals.

You Can reach your goals now you have the tools.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

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Manx Giant’s Pillar – Isle of Man – Atlas Obscura

Rogues & Vagabonds

arthurcaleycottageIt may look like this cottage gate is waving at you, but the fingers stretching skyward are more than a quirky decoration. It’s an unusual, unexpected memorial to a large man and his larger-than-life legacy.

Arthur Caley, better known as the “Manx Giant,” was born in Sulby, Isle of Man, in 1824. He grew to a staggering seven feet, 11 inches tall (though some accounts suspect he was a bit shorter), and soon became a local celebrity because…

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