The Enduring Writer in Ireland 2018, Part 1

Kat Devitt

Let me start this blog post by saying I hate heights. I hate flying. I hate when an airplane torpedoes into the sky. I sat in a cramped seat in economy, gripping the arms of my chair, feeling like my skin was about to shed from my bones. I was shaking, I was hyperventilating. But Ireland was worth the ordeal.

I learned so much about the history and culture of Ireland. Writers of all colors and stripes, from Oscar Wilde to the writers on Great Blasket Island. History of castles, cathedrals, and pagan ruins. I gazed upon rocky shores and breathless visions, wanting to forever stamp my memory with the landscapes. And I gained insight into who I am as a person. I loved it, I loved it. A few hours on an airplane, fearing for my life, were worth the breadth and beauty that is Ireland.

1 Oh, the uncertainty in…

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