Let’s dance with the stars:-)

Try to get it!

When you find your self the person in charge…always in charge…many things in your life begin to change…

People begin to look at you as a person with no feelings…they see you as a robot…which is ready all the time to help and support…

They become selfesh…they begin to think only about what you can do for them…

And step by step…you begin to forget that you are a human being…you begin to think that your role in this life is only to give…you begin to think that you have no right to take or even complain…or express your pain…

And among all that chaos …a charming voice whispers in your ears gently and says (Hey….I am with you ….I feel you….I know your smallest details….I will carry all your burdens with you…I will not let you alone….never…believe me…)…

Then you find your self crying like a small child…and tears…

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El naufragio no es una opción

Las crónicas del Otro Mundo

Con decisión y trabajo, con ilusión y trabajo, con dedicación y trabajo, que es la única manera de afrontar una empresa, encaramos la fabricación de un pequeño sueño: construir nuestro propio barco y echarlo a navegar. Sin rumbo predeterminado ni un destino al cual dirigir el timón: solo navegar, solo disfrutar de un pequeño trayecto a bordo de una nao construida con nuestras propias manos.

Lo que al principio parecía un mera ensoñación que perfectamente podía concluirse a medias, quedando en un mero armazón cuya materia prima había corrido tiempos peores, pero tampoco los viviría mejores ya, no se quedó en un mero intento. Trasladamos a la playa nuestra embarcación aún sin terminar, para tener presente de manera constante donde existía nuestro objetivo, el mar, y darnos cuenta así de que cada martillazo que dábamos nos acercaba a cumplir un objetivo que, con tan solo levantar la vista, podíamos vislumbrar.

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Once Upon a Farm: Lessons on Growing Love, Life, and Hope on a New Frontier


This was a sad yet uplifting book by Rory Feek of Rory and Joey fame, his second book sharing about his life. I was not aware of the story of this pair until it came out that Joey was dying of cancer, leaving behind a devoted husband and baby daughter. That was about all I knew then. This book really helped to fill in the story and then some, sharing their beautiful love story and their strong faith, and telling how Rory is now raising Indiana. An advance digital copy was provided by NetGalley & Edelweiss , authors Rory Feek, and the publisher for my unbiased review.

Thomas Nelson
Publication: June 19, 2018

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What is a Christian?

The Enduring Writer in Ireland 2018, Part 1

Kat Devitt

Let me start this blog post by saying I hate heights. I hate flying. I hate when an airplane torpedoes into the sky. I sat in a cramped seat in economy, gripping the arms of my chair, feeling like my skin was about to shed from my bones. I was shaking, I was hyperventilating. But Ireland was worth the ordeal.

I learned so much about the history and culture of Ireland. Writers of all colors and stripes, from Oscar Wilde to the writers on Great Blasket Island. History of castles, cathedrals, and pagan ruins. I gazed upon rocky shores and breathless visions, wanting to forever stamp my memory with the landscapes. And I gained insight into who I am as a person. I loved it, I loved it. A few hours on an airplane, fearing for my life, were worth the breadth and beauty that is Ireland.

1 Oh, the uncertainty in…

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Who is your Neighbour

Inspire me

Hello everyone… Today I want to share with you a poem I heard from a little girl living next to me. This poem talks about who our neighbour is and how we should relate with them.

Here we go….

Who is your neighbour…? Is it the one that lives next to you, that is near you day by day…? Certainly not, the world is much larger than your clan.

Who is your brother and who is your sister…? Is it the one that just share your surname…? Certainly not, the world is much larger than your family.

Your neighbours are bound in the wide world around… Your siblings are all around in the wide wide world…

That boy in need, that girl in need of succour, that fellow crying for love… That is your neighbour and that is your siblings.

That elderly bent grandma and grandpa unable to cross the…

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Garden Of Poetry

The Lonely Author


My poetry rarely contains much symbolism. However, my desire to improve as a poet urged me to pen this little write. (The symbolic meaning of every flower mentioned can be found at the end of the post). The inspiration for this piece comes from Nandita’s “The Root Of Life.”

Garden of Poetry


Strolling through her stunning verses
the aroma of rhymes entices my lungs
as poetic sunflowers generate warmth
and her love blooms in flowery tongues

Her windblown kisses of Baby’s Breath
Are love florets providing a sweet motif
As we exchange our primrose affections
For I am her stem and she my adoring leaf

She will eternally be my sacred lotus
Planted inside the deepest part of me
As I’ve become the photosynthetic sun
‘ever nourishing her garden of poetry


The image reminded me of you N. Eye liner, touch of lip gloss, and of course the…

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