Just to be clear


When I published ‘natural selection’ last week the agreed price with Lulu Press was and is $9.95. In time, that price may go down but I assure you it will never increase.
Then it came to my attention the book was available on Amazon at $20. I wish to say I did not sanction that nor was I consulted, it seems the people at Amazon are a law unto themselves
and I’m surprised and annoyed they jacked the price up so much, double in fact.
I didn’t publish my book to exploit customers, I published it to share my poetry at what I consider is the fair and reasonable price of $9.95.
I wrote a note of complaint to Amazon and didn’t receive a reply, but I see today they list the book with the comment ‘temporarily unavailable’ – good!
The book is available at Lulu Press, and their website…

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A Book by the Brook — Read! Read! Read!

Friendly Fairy Tales

Finds tongues in trees, books in running brooks,
Sermons in stones, and good in everything.

— William Shakespeare

A Book by the Brook: Book Reviews at FriendlyFairyTales.com

From its cover image of a book as a flying carpet to “stories/ that fly like birds”, Read! Read! Read! uplifts and envigorates. Poems by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater dance happily beside Ryan O’Rourke’s illustrations, and my favorite is the happy child disappearing into a magazine with actual magic! Really!

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Museo Van Gogh, canales de Ámsterdam, Zona Roja


El Barrio de los Museos o Museumplein de Ámsterdam representa el acervo cultural de la ciudad. Está ubicado en las proximidades del Voldenpark, en una zona apacible pese a la muchedumbre que transita por las pinacotecas más relevantes entre las que destaca el museo Van Gogh, dedicado al artista nacido en Groot-Zundert en 1853 y cuya muerte a los 37 años se produjo cuando sólo había podido vender un cuadro de su prolífica obra.

Hijo de un matrimonio formado por un pastor protestante y un ama de casa, Vincent desarrolló una temprana vocación por el arte que procuró sofocar, quizás debido a la influencia paterna, hasta que a instancias de su hermano Theo se inscribió en 1880 en la Academia de Bellas Artes. A partir de ese momento más de 200 pinturas y 500 dibujos habrían de surgir del talento innato del artista en las diferentes etapas de su…

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The Fire God Waits by L. Martel


This is a 5″ x 7″ acrylic on canvas board painted in 2016. The colours remind me of a fresh fire just waiting to take off.

SDC17947 (1)

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The Lonely Author Blues

The Lonely Author


The Lonely Author Blues


Listen to my song
Though I have never been one to croon
Hear my sweet lyrics
Perhaps my whispers will make you swoon

I will sing of love
Unsatisfied desires as chronic as any pain
I will hum our hurt
Until you’re drenched in little hearts of rain

Soak in my rhythm
Our harmony of love will give us such a thrill
Live in my tempo
And together we will make time stand still

You have me dreaming
Of love making on a beach for me and you
You have me screaming
Can’t deny, I have the lonely author blues.



Photo from Google Images

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Save the 20 cachorritos!

Las crónicas del Otro Mundo

¿No estáis ya cansados de campañas electorales en la blogosfera? Sí, nosotros también: resultan machaconas, cargantes, tediosas, soporíferas… Lo sabemos bien porque hemos realizado unas cuantas, y no soportamos ni las nuestras. No obstante, esta vez no nos queda otra opción: os vamos a presentar otra campaña electoral para el blog de LCDOM. Sí, entendemos perfectamente que nos ponemos muy pesados con estos temas. No obstante, en esta ocasión no nos han dejado otra alternativa, puesto que una grave amenaza se cierne sobre todos ellos de nuevo.

Sí: sobre los cachorritos.

Hace unos meses nos presentamos como candidatos a Mejor Blog Colaborativo en los Premios Blogosfera 2017 con una campaña llamada We have a dream, a la que cualquier otro título le hubiese venido mejor ya que ese nombre no le pegaba ni con cola. Por si tenéis mala memoria, os la recordamos:


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Publishing Plans


At last i’ve got round to publishing a collection of poems:

natural selection (ISBN 978 – 1 – 387 – 64501 – 5)
Lulu Press/www.lulu.com

My friend David Hightower, poet and author of The Hanging Man Dreams,
has very kindly written the introduction, and Winnie Osborne the back cover blurb.

I plan on publishing a second collection later this year and i’ll stop at that,
two collections are enough.

For some time now, friends have been encouraging me to collect and publish pieces from my
‘bits & pieces’ and ‘out and about’ and i will do so soon.

Best to All


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