So you’re a student with the Travel Bug!

Caitlyn Farrar

I have been OBSESSED with travelling ever since I got back from Europe with my Grandmother 5 years ago and this first trip taught me a couple of things;

  1. How much work you need to put in to get overseas, and;
  2. How much more of the world is out there to be explored.

Flash forward to now and the questions friends and family often ask me are “Where are you off to next?” and more importantly “How do you do it?”.

I thought today I’d give my advice to help make your dream trips happen and let you know how I have managed to venture overseas whilst being a student.

By far two of the biggest sacrifices I have made in order to live my best life have been staying at home and working weekends. Living at home saves me SO MUCH MONEY and I am so grateful to…

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