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Transformation Ain’t Pretty

I am mine

Las crónicas del Otro Mundo

Me niego a vivir de rodillas sea quien sea el que decide someterme. No me importa que sea amigo o enemigo, extraordinario o vulgar, arcano o explícito. No me importa que sea cerebral o irreflexivo. No me importa que se trate de yo mismo, aunque tú seas la persona más difícil de convencer de lo contrario. Este suelo es gélido, lóbrego y, sobre todas las cosas, injusto. Me niego a permanecer en él. Me niego a no levantarme.

Y me niego a ser un monigote, un títere, una marioneta en manos de otros monigotes, títeres y marionetas que piensan que los hilos que los sujetan también están siendo manipulados por ellos mismos. Está fuera de mi alcance acabar con esa estructura que los sostiene, pero me niego a ser parte de la misma: solo tengo que cercenar ese esclavizante bramante que me aprisiona. Si son cordeles los que me traban…

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Chapter 1: Food Injection towards Reggio Emilia

Bikes Philosophy

Hello people, let us introduce you to our trip.

This time we decided to tour in Italy to discover the lovely cities along the Via Emilia, an old road that was constructed to connect Piacenza to Rimini (or Rimini to Piacenza but it’s quite the same 😛 )

It will be divided in 3 posts:

  • From Piacenza to Reggio Emilia;
  • From Reggio Emilia to Bologna;
  • Cycling around Florence.



Piacenza: time to start!

Early, but very early in the morning, as usual, as very very usual, we got up to load our bikes on Bruno’s car. Direction: Piacenza!

Piacenza is a cozy city at the border between Lombardia and Emilia Romagna with a little city centre surrounded by ancient city walls.

We spent just little time in Piacenza because it was our starting point, but it is a beautiful city that deserves at least a visit…

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Reading is no worth😈

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So you’re a student with the Travel Bug!

Caitlyn Farrar

I have been OBSESSED with travelling ever since I got back from Europe with my Grandmother 5 years ago and this first trip taught me a couple of things;

  1. How much work you need to put in to get overseas, and;
  2. How much more of the world is out there to be explored.

Flash forward to now and the questions friends and family often ask me are “Where are you off to next?” and more importantly “How do you do it?”.

I thought today I’d give my advice to help make your dream trips happen and let you know how I have managed to venture overseas whilst being a student.

By far two of the biggest sacrifices I have made in order to live my best life have been staying at home and working weekends. Living at home saves me SO MUCH MONEY and I am so grateful to…

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