How old are you?

Try to get it!

Of course I am not going to ask you about ur age…I will tell you a story instead..I hope it will be a nice one..

(Once upon a time there was a farmer called Ahmed…an active man who likes all the people in his village .Ahmed had a neighbour called Adel…He considered Adel as his brother…Adel always hurts Ahmed with bad words…he is a cruel hearted person..but Ahmed always forgives him cause he loves him as a brother..Ahmed has no brothers..only four sisters…

One morning Ahmed got out of his house to begin working at his farm….

Here comes Adel and said”Good morning old fellow”

Ahmed said “I am only 10years older than you…moreover I look younger than my real age…you shouldn’t talk with me like that”

Adel continued talking and hurting his neughbour.

Ahmed had a brilliant idea…

He asked Adel to join him in a journey through the…

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