Bag of sand


My life being like the darkness of the dungeons,
in all hues of blues I remembered to smile.
Absorbing all rays, charring me.
Oft times I smiled at my loved ones,
alas! receiving the nonchalant smirks.



For every love’s stimuli, it responded
With red rage and consigns .
Like the refugees of the outskirts,
castigated and looked down upon.
Vanishing were images in photographs,
In the album that was close to my heart.
I wish the hiraeth exists for me too!
Contrary,i’m on excavation for the home .



I live by feeding morsels of wistful sham,
The daggers clenched by the same blood
Pierced my heart whenever I embraced them.
Bur Still masquerading smiles and wounds,
Revolving around the sun with the earth,
Being the same ,like bag of sand, pummeled.
I leaked down to ashes ,
Vanishing somewhere in the vast sky.

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break a leg young thing
this is your moment
after all those morgue afternoons
rehearsing old school mystiques
fine tuning your pauses
making each phrase count

your entrance upstage
deliberate slight in silhouette
moving into light and out
making us sit up

a stir
a single shoot
peep of crocus
second delivery
you hold our breath in yours

delay the extended arm
purple patch declamation
flourishes of yellow madness
in winterspent fields

in the morning we’ll blog and tweet
your budding craft
your youth

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las cinco claves de la felicidad (página web no disponible en este momento)

cocina para gordos


si te sientes atraído por la flotación como método antiestres

si estás loco por saber en qué consiste el hygge

 si te has enterado cómo se cambia el estado en el guasap y has puesto “carpe diem” en vez de “hola, estoy usando whatsApp”

si te encantan los “cup cakes” caseros y has dejado de comprar las magdalenas de la bella easo (con su aceite de palma y todo lo demás)

si crees que necesitas una guía para dejar de ser infeliz como agua de mayo

*haz lo que debas (Do the Right Thing)


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Trewidden, Cornwall



Cornwall is traditionally the first place in Britain to declare spring each year – 26 February in 2018 – it seems only fair it should be top of the list when it comes to spring flowers. As with the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Trewidden, in Penzance, is one of the 12 designated Great Gardens of Cornwall and despite March snowfall many of its magnolias and camellias are coming into bloom. There’s also a dedicated children’s trail.

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A good news


A journalist is summoned in his boss’s office:

“How could you write that 75 % of congressmen were thieves ? Change the article immediately !”

The next day in the newspaper appears a news with the following title:

25 % of Congressmen Are Honest

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Musique du jour

Ma vie au présent simple

Vous souhaitant une belle journée à tous 🙏

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