AN OCEAN ! /A Brook !/ Why l Left Iraq And Immigrated To The USA.

AN OCEAN ! /A Brook !/ Why l Left Iraq And Immigrated To The USA.
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Iraq is a Muslim COUNTRY ,its constitution like every Muslim country indicates that Islam is the official religion of the Country and its above the law.

As christian l was oppressed , hated , discriminated against .When l graduated with distinction from Baghdad University and was eligible for scholarship to Germany to get my Phd.

l was deprived of my scholarship because l am Christian and the education ministry gave the scholarship to 3 Muslims members of the Baa’th party (The party of Saddam Hussein).

In iraq and in the Middle-East in general there is hate pigatory ,envy, jealousy discrimination against Christians.

Once l got married and we had our first Child l realized that l can not let my children grow up and go through what l went through in a country that values its citizen not for being dedicated , and highly educated to serve his country , BUT for being Muslim Or Being Christian, .Of course The Muslim citizen is # 1 in a Muslim country.

THIS IS WHY I IMMIGRATED TO AMERICA WITH MY FAMILY.. We lived in Lebanon for 3 months to get our Visa from the American Embassy .We went through interview after interview , finger print , complete physical check up , paid the hospital 250 dollars and paid 150 dollars each for the Visa.Paid for our flights to Chicago 1200 dollars.

today l see from many people her in this gracious USA not a small brook or small river of HATE, ENVY , DISCRIMINATION , RACISM ,HYPOCRISY WHICH I LIVED IN IRAQ, BUT AN OCEAN OF THESE NEGATIVE HATEFUL FEELINGS AGAINST US FOR BEING Christians and value the American dream , Family values , decency, working hard., respect the laws and the constitution. .

BY THE WAY THE MUSLIMS WHO WERE SENT TO EUROPE TO GET THEIR PHD. FAILED AND RETURNED BACK TO IRAQ WITHIN 2 MONTHS .When l met them they said to me.”” They should send you not us””.l told them l am going to America..

Now our Daughter and our Son have their own families in this great country .l fulfilled my promise not to raise my children in a country where Hate is a religion for some people.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh=http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress,com Sabbagh

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