Memoirs of a Hayseed Physicist by Peter Martel


Part 43:
My First University:
When I submitted my magnum opus the critique of my supervisor Dr. Ernie Guptial was: “You write free and easy but with a tendency to toss in extra words or phrases which do not help in the understanding”. In spite of my tendency to be a multifarious Mozart, rather than a Bach with fewer words, I was asked by Professor Guptill to accept a position as a research associate working with him to study electron-tunnelling phenomena, a new field of physics, which had been opened up By Brian Josephson at Cambridge in the early 1960’s. A decade or so later the discovery led to a Nobel Prize for Josephson.

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With permission of the author. This is an on going story one paragraph at a time beginning on the post of July 6th. We will get back to our music and art after this little break.

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