Dunno what to say?

Why am I so numb today?

Was that you left me?

And you pledged that your return

Will never be seen in passing days.

Sanguine chats under the moonlight,

My eyes sparkled each time I saw you

The stardust and gush of amorous aurum,

How can it lay Rusted, lifeless?

Those moments are still alive,

Your smile and coaxing hues,

Created a pliant of the honest love.

Was it never quintessential?

But my heart ached, jostling me.

I wished I stayed away,

And never would have

fell in the cobweb of this

This obfuscating love;

An intricate serenade of heart.

Now you return whilst high tide

Where my heart is void of empty love.

Our togetherness sojourns in empty space.

Now your palatable heart,

Produce no exhilaration,

Though Your sky have many stars,

But mine cannot shine there.

You let go my love,

move on with…

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