Wandering in the sky. 


Wandering in the sky, along with soul full winds and

Like the falcon I flew scathing in the beautiful sky that spreads down the horizon.

Where the sun sets in the orange sky.
I left behind the tyranny that worlds have.
I cannot fathom the atrocities done.

The desert that spreads across the terrain,

Those sand i clenched in my fist,

Leached down swayed by the wind,

Those abandoned love I see subliming in the sea.

I laughed with my tears down my cheeks

Love; a wistful wist.

In the battle of life those who win, outshine,

Forgetting those unsung hero

Whose life withered to vanish away

Fighting for the rights and were plummeted supreme.

The winds still echo their tales and fables,

Lies in the pages ignored, but that only turned which were ignobly vacuous.

Vague Outrageousness will be in fashion till the last of the last time,


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