Honoring The Women Activists Silenced in 2017

The Human Lens

There is no doubt that 2017 has been a gory year for human rights almost every where in the globe, rights campaigners and activists have been making noise in their many battles.  While both men and women have been defending human rights, this year proved that women face more dangers for their activism.

Women getting targeted for what they defend, on basis of the fact that they are mere women first then attention gets paid to what exactly are they fighting for. We have lost trailblazing women in the past months and this is a tiny attempt at honoring their work.

1. Shifa Gardi – IRAQ

A very daring women reporter on the front lines, she worked for the Iraqi Kurdish channel Rudaw. Shifa Gardi, was 30 years old and had broken many a stereotypes of male-dominated journalism. unfortunately, she was killed by a roadside bomb as she covered the…

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