NEW YEAR’S EVE…money draw spell

A Blessed And Joyous Christmas!

Peace & Goodwill to ALL in Croatia 🙏

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Zagreb Cathedral

During this time of faith and loved ones, may the true meaning of Christmas fill you with joy. Wishing you all a blessed and joyous Christmas and an amazing, wonderful New Year.  Thank You All For Your Support! Ina Vukic

St Mark’s Square, Zagreb

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Christmas all Around


Inspire me

Christmas is here again. It’s a season of love, peace and unity. All across the world Christmas is being celebrated. It’s also a time to give and be given to…. Here are some of Christmas celebration across the world.

  • Lagos, Nigeria

  • New York, U.S

  • Dubai

  • Paris, France

  • U.K

  • Rio, Brazil

  • Australia

  • China

  • India

  • Las Vegas

  • Berlin, Germany

It’s a time to be happy, to merry and to be grateful. Love more, care more and smile more. Love you all and Merry… Merry Christmas.

Thank you, Gracias, Merci, Salamata, Nagode, Oseun, Dalu….


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Honoring The Women Activists Silenced in 2017

The Human Lens

There is no doubt that 2017 has been a gory year for human rights almost every where in the globe, rights campaigners and activists have been making noise in their many battles.  While both men and women have been defending human rights, this year proved that women face more dangers for their activism.

Women getting targeted for what they defend, on basis of the fact that they are mere women first then attention gets paid to what exactly are they fighting for. We have lost trailblazing women in the past months and this is a tiny attempt at honoring their work.

1. Shifa Gardi – IRAQ

A very daring women reporter on the front lines, she worked for the Iraqi Kurdish channel Rudaw. Shifa Gardi, was 30 years old and had broken many a stereotypes of male-dominated journalism. unfortunately, she was killed by a roadside bomb as she covered the…

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The Garden

Wandering in the sky. 


Wandering in the sky, along with soul full winds and

Like the falcon I flew scathing in the beautiful sky that spreads down the horizon.

Where the sun sets in the orange sky.
I left behind the tyranny that worlds have.
I cannot fathom the atrocities done.

The desert that spreads across the terrain,

Those sand i clenched in my fist,

Leached down swayed by the wind,

Those abandoned love I see subliming in the sea.

I laughed with my tears down my cheeks

Love; a wistful wist.

In the battle of life those who win, outshine,

Forgetting those unsung hero

Whose life withered to vanish away

Fighting for the rights and were plummeted supreme.

The winds still echo their tales and fables,

Lies in the pages ignored, but that only turned which were ignobly vacuous.

Vague Outrageousness will be in fashion till the last of the last time,


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Holy Night in Blue by swo8 Blues Jazz from the Christmas Special album in iTunes


This video is called Holy Night in Blue by swo8 Blues Jazz from the Christmas Album in iTunes. The Church of the Nativity is a basilica located in Bethlehem, in the West Bank, Palestine. The church was originally commissioned in 327 by Constantine the Great and his mother Helena over the site. Several years ago we were there and a group of French Canadians were there as well. The French pilgrims were so moved by their surroundings they started to sing O Come, Divine Messiah or “Venez divin Messie.” Whatever happened those many years ago is still very moving to many of us today. 3:16 min.

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Petit coucou, bonne nuit

Ma vie au présent simple


Ces derniers temps, je partage mes heures entre le travail, ma famille et ma super love story avec … ma machine à coudre 😁

Après de nombreuses années à me demander comment on pouvait se servir de ce “truc de grand-mère” et étant naturellement très curieuse, je me suis plongée dans cet univers qui me semblait inaccessible et j’avoue que c’est vraiment terrible pour moi.

Je suis littéralement tombée en amour pour cette machine.

Du coup, ces derniers temps je vis “création en tout genre” (couture, broderie, dessin, texte.. tout y passe) promis je vous montrerai bientôt les résultats de mes heures de travail.

Sur ce, je vous souhaite une bien douce nuit. Faites de beaux rêves.

Pssst, hey, pendant que je vous tiens encore, vous avez fini vos cadeaux Noel? Et d’ailleurs, vous fetez Noël ou non?

Allez, bisous tout l’monde, à demain 😉


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