The notion of “work”

Extracting Value

It may sound very simple but this concept could have easily been corrupted in its connotation by it’s the people offering this ability to you.

When you had your first job you started working because “it is the right thing to do ” or you have to earn money to survive .The reason you didn’t put much value on it initially was because you were so much more connected with yourself than you may be now, meaning that chances are you have been depersonalized to a degree in order to fit in, or to survive. You used to have a boundary between yourself and work, there used to be a line. Does that line exist now or have you compromised yourself in this continuous chase? Have you forgotten that the only reason you work for is to build a better, more enjoyable life, to be more connected with your soul?


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Day 57 of 100 days of happiness.

Think of Others . . . Diğerlerini de Düşün . . . فكِّر بغيركَ . . . Mahmoud Darwish


As you prepare your breakfast, think of others
(do not forget the pigeon’s food).

As you conduct your wars, think of others
(do not forget those who seek peace).

As you pay your water bill, think of others
(those who are nursed by clouds).

As you return home, to your home, think of others
(do not forget the people of the camps).

As you sleep and count the stars, think of others
(those who have nowhere to sleep).

As you liberate yourself in metaphor, think of others
(those who have lost the right to speak).

As you think of others far away, think of yourself
(say: “If only I were a candle in the dark”).

Diğerlerini de Düşün

Kahvaltını hazırlarken, diğerlerini de düşün.
(Unutma güvercinlerin yemini.)

Savaşlara girişirken, diğerlerini de düşün.
(Unutma barış isteyenleri.)…

Eve girerken, kendi evine, diğerlerini de düşün.
(Unutma çadırlarda yaşayan insanları.)

Uyumak için yıldızları sayarken, diğerlerini…

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Deep in the treasure of past yonder days,

Lies mysteries embedded in the memories of forgotten tales.

That past heralding the echoes in ear,

Reminding those of declining days.

Time that bore forsaken fruit,

Thudding in the heavenly canopy,

The roads where mind roam freely

Reminding now it’s only a fallacy.

At Nights watching that firefly,

Of brothers that only smiled,

Of love that starlit stardust had

Reminding me its the oblivion that I had.

Those fairy tales that echoed,

Of tales where the love wins,

Of the truthful that never would be deceived,

Reminding of the relics fancied.

Running racing with the wind

That breeze shushed sashaying the hint

To fervor frantically wedging it’s girth

Falling facing the divine prisma

Reminding now it’s lost under the sham stigma

Moulding as the tectonic plates shifts.

Sailing around the sun,

With time that all started

Will be sundered at the dead…

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Un peu d’amour pour démarrer une belle semaine…

Ma vie au présent simple

Belle semaine tout l’monde

Gros becos


Version française sur Dailymotion 👇

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Bună-vă dimineața-vă!


Gut dann, haben Sie eine gute Reise!

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Hello Darkness…

Las crónicas del Otro Mundo

Hace más de medio siglo que el compositor y cantante Paul Simon, uno de los componentes del mítico dueto conocido como Simon and Garfunkel, compuso su famoso tema The Sound of Silence, editado por Columbia Records en 1964. Muchos creyeron que la letra de tan singular canción, hacía referencia al estado de zozobra generalizado que se había apoderado de la sociedad norteamericana tras el atentado a John F. Kennedy, ya que el primer single salió tan solo tres meses después del magnicidio y que, por tanto, tendría que estar relacionado de algún modo con aquel suceso. Sin embargo, sería el propio Paul Simon quien años más tarde, tras ser preguntado sobre qué le había llevado a componer dicha canción, asegurara, en contra de lo que muchos pensaban, que la había compuesto cuando tenía tan solo veintiún años, tiempo antes del atentado, y que la canción la había compuesto principalmente en…

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Drones are not a new idea – Intermission Story (28)

Pacific Paratrooper

The Reaper Global Hawk RQ-4

Unmanned aerial vehicles, popularly known as drones, are most often associated with airstrikes in modern warfare, but their history goes much further back than that. While drones came into the spotlight during the early years of the 21st century the idea of a remotely-operated flying machine was developed much earlier. A forerunner of what we consider today to be an unmanned aerial vehicle was an Austrian balloon used during the siege of Venice in 1849.

During WWI many eccentric weapons were developed on all sides of the conflict. One was the pilotless aircraft that operated with the help of Archibald Low’s revolutionary radio controlled techniques.  The Ruston Proctor Aerial Target represented the cutting edge of drone technology in 1916. Low, nicknamed “the father of radio guidance systems,” was happy for the project to be developed further and used in kamikaze-style ramming strikes against Zeppelins.

The Kettering…

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