RO: Normal e sa încep acest articol prin a vă spune ca dacă nu ați fost pina acuma aici Villa d’Este trebuie sa fie următoarea voastră destinație.

Villa d’Este deține cele mai frumoase fântâni de apa curgătoare acele grădini imense unde timpul trece atât de repede ca ti se pare ca nu le-ai admirat destul sau fotografiat in cazul meu,😂 e acel joc cu apa care te lasă fără cuvine,fiecare poteca pe care pășești are ceva lucrușor care te face sa zici WOW și te binedispune,dar mai presus de toate te cucerește cu peisajul, și liniștea care adie in jurul tău.

IT: È normale iniziare questo articolo dicendovi che se non siete mai stati qui, Villa d’Este deve essere la vostra prossima destinazione.

Villa d’Este possiede giochi e fontane d’acqua tra le più belle mai viste… in giardini enormi, dove il tempo trascorre così velocemente che sembra sempre di non…

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Pictures of Wildlife Items Illuminate the World of Contraband


Arresting Photos Illuminate the World of Wildlife Contraband
A photographer uses artful styling to bring attention to human demand for wildlife products.
Picture of a zebra

A taxidermied zebra head confiscated by U.S. Fish and Wildlife officers is one of the roughly 1.5 million items housed at the National Wildlife Repository in Colorado.
Photograph by Britta Jaschinski
By Alexa Keefe
Photographs by Britta Jaschinski

PUBLISHED October 27, 2017

A pair of footstools made from elephant feet. A coat with matching shoes, hat, and purse made from the pelts of 20 leopards. Crates filled with bags and bags of dessicated seahorses. Britta Jaschinski’s photographs of items seized at airports and border crossings are a quest to understand what it is about the human psyche that fuels a demand for wildlife products, even as this causes suffering and, in some cases, pushes animals to the brink of extinction.

“The problem right now…

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Acceptance AND Surrender. & Kabullenmek VE Teslim Olmak.



1. When we don’t accept an undesired event, it becomes anger;
when we accept it, it becomes tolerance.

2. When we don’t accept uncertainty, it becomes fear;
when we accept it, it becomes adventure.

3. When we don’t accept bad behavior of others towards us, it becomes
hatred; when we accept it, it becomes forgiveness.

4. When we don’t accept success of others, it becomes jealousy;
when we accept it, it becomes inspiration.


1. When we are wrong and we surrender, it means we are

2. When we are in doubt and we surrender, it means we are

3. When we are right and we surrender, it means we value
our relations.

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Old relics 


Haven’t seen those friends in ages!

Bereaved in the neglected corner of disposition,

Lying sleepless but calm and still

That made me the person, I stood.

Never complained for the jagged dent I made.

Never complained of the silvery fish that gnawed its tale.

Those yellowing pages turned tattered

Never will I repay those.

Never will I find such true friends!!


Forayed and incarcerated by me.

Festering in the calumnious callosity .

Festooned by the silhouette of dirt.

Fagging and waiting to crumble

Finding again for its vivacious place.

Nudging that now it belong to someone else.

To a deprived child that can take care,

Who can engross its true essence

This is how I can return

To its true ineffable place.

©Copyright reserved. 2017.


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En Florencia, la basílica de San Lorenzo, la casa de Dante


Arribamos a Florencia en tren desde Roma, luego de dormir más de 12 horas entre las sábanas confortables del hotel Piram. El descanso era necesario dada la distancia y el tiempo recorridos desde la salida de nuestra ciudad hasta aterrizar en la urbe del César, con el aditamento del cambio de horario y de clima: cinco horas más tarde y fin del verano boreal, en contraposición a nuestro helado invierno austral.

Florencia se desplegó ante nosotros desde Santa María Novella y luego continuamos grabando sus perfiles en las retinas mientras el taxi nos conducía hasta nuestro alojamiento, a metros de la casa del Dante. Pero esta ciudad es más, si cabe, que la belleza de su arquitectura y el trazado increíble de su centro histórico: el alma florentina remite a los primeros pasos de Maquiavelo y Da Vinci, a la obra descomunal de Brunelleschi, al talento primario de Miguel…

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Several branches of Islam.

Try to get it!

This is an invitation to all moslems around the world…u r one …do not hate or kill one another…u r one nation…so do not care for which branch are u from…u r the same tree…God tree and prophet Mohammad wisedom…this is the most important…
This article summarizes the different branches and schools in Islam. The best known split, into Sunni Islam, Shia Islam, and Kharijites, was mainly political at first, but eventually acquired theological and juridical dimensions. There are three traditional types of schools in Islam: schools of jurisprudence, Sufi orders and schools of theology. The article also summarizes major denominations and movements that have arisen in the modern era.

Sunnah (sunnah, سنة, Arabic:[sunna], plural سنن sunan [sunan]) is the verbally transmitted record of the teachings, deeds and sayings, silent permissions (or disapprovals) of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, as well as various reports about Muhammad’s companions.[1][2] The Quran (the holy…

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