isis Terrorists Who Return to Britain Will Get Free Homes From British Tax-payers…

Trigger Reset

It’s good to know that abdullah will be all comfy…

Terror suspects including jihadis returning from fighting in Syria are to be offered taxpayer-funded homes, counselling and help finding jobs to stop them carrying out attacks in Britain.

The top-secret Government strategy, codenamed Operation Constrain, could even allow fanatics to jump to the top of council house waiting lists.

Official documents seen by The Mail on Sunday reveal that up to 20,000 extremists previously investigated by MI5 will be targeted with what critics last night described as ‘bribes’ aimed at turning them away from extremism.

The highly contentious nationwide programme is due to start next year, with police and cash-strapped councils hoping the Home Office will pay for it out of its £900 million counter-terrorism budget.

Last night, terrorism expert Professor Anthony Glees, of Buckingham University, said: ‘You can’t bribe people not to be terrorists.’

And Tory MP Andrew Bridgen added:…

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Storia illustrata


Friendly Fairy Tales


reverie on a hillside,
oh to be a silver birch
warm in summer sun

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

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Sourire du lundi, toute la semaine te suit ;-)

Ma vie au présent simple

Budding trees

Hit four, actually
Okay, umm…
Okay, so I kind of want to tell the story of this song
It started off as a dream, or a [walk we went?] in the woods
In the moon of the budding trees
I was gifted new eyes to see
All of the shifting shape and ways you can be
Wake the dreams into realities
Wake the dreams into realities
Sunset diamonds trickle down our cheeks
The language of no words is how we speak
Pachamama spinning firelight
And a Little Bear singing by the fireside
Out of this city with the wind on our neck, check
That’s us whistling upon your neck
Moonlit diamonds sparkle into my mouth
Feels like hunger and it tastes like salt
Feels like hunger and it tastes like salt
So, tap me out and tap me into you
Heal my brain and my body too

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Primera plana

Las crónicas del Otro Mundo

Imaginad que, como escritores con ilusión, esperanza y dedicación que sois, habiendo publicado o no (aunque tener algo publicado probablemente ayuda un poquito), tuvierais la oportunidad de conceder una entrevista para que un interesado la publicase en su website, y que la gente pudiera conocer de primera mano qué os mueve a vosotros y a vuestra novela (o novelas, si sois autores facundos) para intentar dar pasitos en esto de la literatura. ¿Qué responderías a la pregunta “a qué estaríais dispuestos a hacer para que vuestro libro se hiciera muy famoso”?

La verdad es que nosotros podríamos contestar que sacrificaríamos a nuestro primogénito en lo alto de una montaña, aunque siempre y cuando nuestro primogénito fuese un animal, pero de los buenos, de esos de peluche que ni se mueren ni se quejan de nada, y que la montaña fuese un irrisorio montículo en medio del campo, porque con…

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