Poets and poetry …

Try to get it!

Poetry…poetry…poetry..i love poetry!!

My father is a poet and he published a book or two.

My younger sister is a poet…she published abook and her second book is in the markets now..she is about to be famous …i am proud of her.

I can not say I am a poet but u can write a poem and i can complete it (arabic only ).

I was lucky to follow some genious poets here in wordpress and enjoy what they write…they r all wonderful whether in arabic or in English .

As u know my blog is about Qoran.

What Qoran is saying about poets..let’s see!

( And the Poets ,It is those straying in evil,Who follows them :

Seest thou not that they wander distracted in every valley ?

And that they say what they practise not ?

Except those who believe , work righteousness ,engaged much in the remembrance…

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