Pondering Purple

Friendly Fairy Tales

Purple Kale leaf with raindrops

raindrops gather,
as if fairies bless

purple kale, with leaves

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曇り空 そびえ立つ照明塔


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Memoirs of a Hayseed Physicist by Peter Martel


Part 27:
My First University:
Dr. Bronson had wanted to know why I wasn’t in his Bible study class. At that time, Dalhousie was very much a Presbyterian institution. Much of this “ado” was probably related to the fact that old physicists e.g., Spinoza, Newton, Eddington, Townes, often delved into religion in their old age. Physics, I suppose, is a pursuit that makes you believe you’re close to God.

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With permission of the author. This is an on going story one paragraph at a time beginning on the post of July 6th. We will get back to our music and art after this little break.

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