Just some guilty pleasures of allowing yourself some downtime during the Dark of the Moon in Virgo

To organize and reorganize what’s important to you

Aiming to make things perfect

You begin to see those flaws during this time of the Dark Moon in Virgo

Flaws you never realized exited before

…just like a puzzle you start to understand which of those things are necessary and important to you

We must keep ourselves in proper order

Devote that intense part of ourselves to what matters mostPerfecting one special area in your life and letting the more insignificant things slide

Light a few Gray Candles to help you to light the way to see what’s wrong so you can come up with a caring solution


3 parts lavender
2 parts patchouli
2 parts cypress
1 part caraway
1 part fern
1 part mint

Tie in a…

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