Ma vie au présent simple

Sur le fil de la vie

Funambule, je suis

Avancant droit devant

A mon rythme, sans élan

En proie aux émotions

Soulevant maintes questions

Emprunte de conformisme

Déséquilibrée par le fatalisme

Sur le fil du bonheur

Tout arrive juste à l’heure

Reste important de souligner

Que rien n’est jamais gagné.


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Old School


Me sitting at my “computer desk”. My hardware.. dirt. My software.. imagination.

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Amazing Qualities ! / Childhood .


The most amazing thing about humans .

They get bored of their sweet childhood.

They want to grow up fast within days.

When they do, they wish they remained kids.

Most of us waste their lives accumulating wealth.

Forsaking their health, families and their friends.

Then at their old age ,they spend their wealth.

To gain their health back,but what are the chances?

They ignore the present worrying about the future.

Ultimately they don’t live their present neither ,

The future for it they worked so hard and got lost.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-hptt://

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10月に入って最初の日曜日 天気も上々

田舎の風物詩(Country style)


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