The Smile ….



I saw you, dear, with a smile on your face,

followed your mind as you sway

and made my heart yearn for thee

and made my lips accustomed to your name

Just by the smile on your face.

You made my heart a vacant space

filled by your, only presence!

i walked your steps and your treads

towards the turn where i turned away, only.

Just by the smile on your face.

My eyes tries to tell my endearment

the stone on my heart shadowed, before it radiates

a will, passion and desire so strong yet so weak ,

a feeling of closeness remains

just by the smile on your face.

You as a whole but seems a part of me

dry tears of my affection just echoes in your ears

stumbling cares’ words I share

your heart beating and just beated, only

but i smile just by the smile…

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