Stevie Wonder. Characters. London 1987.

The Great Stevie Wonder … 😊👍


Stevie Wonder. Characters. London 1987.

Stevie Wonder Band
•Stevie Wonder – Arranger, Keyboards, Lead Vocals
•Michael Jackson – Lead Vocals
•Stevie Ray Vaughan – Guitar
•B.B. King – Guitar
•Ben Bridges – Electric Guitar

“All I ever wanted to do was music, and all I’ve ever asked, as I’ve gotten to know and discover the world more, is that God would use me in any way to encourage and inspire love and inspire people to bring and give love to each other. … I’ve always asked to be able to speak and write about injustice and to do it in a way that would encourage people to make things better for everyone.” Stevie Wonder Interview, Rolling Stone Magazine, 1980

Characters is the twenty-first studio album by American singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder released in late 1987. The album features three singles including “Get It”, the Grammy-nominated “Skeletons” and “You Will Know”, which…

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