Memoirs of a Hayseed Physicist by Peter Martel


Part 20:
My First University:
I dared to ask to see the registrar, who turned out to be a distinguished looking lady. She accepted me with good grace, even if it must have been a bit amusing to have granted an audience to a lowly, prospective, first year student. When she asked what I wanted, I dug a bundle of examination results out of a paper bag and said I wanted to go to her university. Since I had failed both high school Latin and German, she said she assumed I would like to take a B.Sc. in science. I said I would like that. Possibly because of my accent, she suggested I should include English 102 in my first year courses.

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With permission of the author. This is an on going story one paragraph at a time beginning on the post of July 6th. We will get back to…

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The Café Royal, London by William Orpen (1912) Postcard | Zazzle #Sold!

Lesson From Dad XXIII ! / Appreciation.


My Beloved do not try to reach out ,

For the one who never tries to reach you.

Do not fight the others for someone who ,

Can’t fight his own shallow pride for your sake.

Never feel sad for the one who doesn’t appreciate you.

Sooner or later he will cry for losing you.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

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