Song on betrayal. Why you leavin.?



Repost. (enjoy )

For all those fakers who veils against the mask.

You take your back fast, I don’t wanna smell your fart.

Hey My friend where; you heeding?

Look, I stood for you, but now you are leaving.

You knew me not, I am the stoic.

I made and carved your way,

So that you may not get stray.

Yea, my friend why, you leavin.

Seeing me, the other side, I gave you the aisle.

You snatched all, from me, but now you are leavin.

You showed me your back, for you stepped on me, like a crab..

Like Julius’s friend you stabbed,

You used to blew my flute.

But now, why “et tu brute? “

for now I paid you my price .

And counted till thrice,

And showed,’ what!’,that you were, stupid?

Like a broken strings in Cupid’s


You got money, I got…

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