Memoirs of a Hayseed Physicist by Peter Martel


Part 17:
In The Beginning:
I have neglected to mention some “moments of beauty” that entered my life at this time. These “moments” can also be found in a memoir by George Simenon, who described how much pleasure it had been serving as an altar boy for mass sung in a convent school. His experience was very similar to mine, but I would wager that mine was more intense, especially in winter. From grades eight to ten I would get up every weekday morning to serve at the six o’clock mass in the convent. In winter a slog for a mile through knee-deep snow was de rigour in order to reach the chapel. On arrival I would feel cold and exhausted. It was then that I suspect I came as close, as I ever will, to heaven. My heaven stemmed from the dreamy state that I entered into, as my…

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