Voters reject proposal to give basic income to every adult and child



According to exit polls Swiss voters have overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to give the entire population of the country enough money to live on. A projection provided to the public broadcaster RTS said 78% had voted against all Swiss citizens, along with foreigners who have been residents in Switzerland for at least five years, being given a universal basic income, or UBI.

Supporters said providing such an income would help fight poverty and inequality in a world where good jobs with steady salaries are becoming harder to find.

The result comes as no surprise, however opinion polls ahead of the vote had indicated more than 70% of Swiss voters opposed the measure. The Swiss government and nearly all the country’s political parties had urged voters to reject the initiative.

Critics have called the initiative “a Marxist dream”, warning of sky-high costs and people quitting their jobs in droves, to the…

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Pay Attention!

Kip Walkin

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People are not listening anymore. I believe it has been like this for quite a while. Everyone is bent on doing what they feel is the right thing to do. Everyone seems to have a point to prove. So, we will always have groups and associations linked by common interests. We tend to connect with people who are willing to hear what we have to say and support our cause.

Everybody wants to be heard, but nobody seems to be listening. It gets even worse when people with different views from yours are now seen as “the opposition”. So, we will always see one group rallying against the other group, even to the point of inflicting bodily harm just to prove a point. Dissatisfied persons will still gang up to form more groups and the cycle continues. “REPEAT” seems to be the…

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Mary and Jesus in Islam!!

Try to get it!

My friend Rayline here in wordpress talked with me about Jesus (peace and blessings be upon him and his mother)

I said jesus is a prophet

but she as a christian sees him as the son of God and people’s savior

she sees that prophets are ordinary people and they are sinners

i told her that prophets in islam are perfect people and never do any sin

she told me that we are born with our sins with us

i told her that in islam a person comes to life with no sins

he commits sins after birth because of his ignorsnce

but if he asked forgivenss from God…..God will forgive him

Rayline is a kind nice person

i see her as my sister

she wants me to convert to christianity because she loves me

thank u dear sweet sis

i will not change

i do not ask people to…

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