A Girl Can

Friendly Fairy Tales

A girl in a pine tree with sun shining through needles

high as a bird,
like a rising song,
with a need to climb
ever higher,
a girl can believe,
can succeed,
can belong. 

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My Journey For 7 Cities in 2 Weeks

Safira's Journey

How can I explain that I’m excited but it’s tiring. I started to manage a little bit time in my hometown for preparing all the stuff that I need for my journey this time. So, I started it from my lovely city called Klaten. Then I headed to Jakarta as what I have shared to you before in my previous post about visiting Jakarta. I went there for getting my international driving licences so I can drive in other countries while I’m traveling.

Then I was only staying in Jakarta less than 24 hours because I need to be Yogya the next day. So, I took a plane to go to Solo because the price for plane is more reasonable for me. So, I came back via flight to Solo or Surakarta. Then the next day, I should take some stuff in Yogyakarta for @dokterjalanjalan. I went there in the…

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Storia illustrata

Memoirs of a Hayseed Physicist by Peter Martel


Part 7:
In The Beginning:
As the winter wore on, the packet steamer left more and more clumps of ice near the harbour wharf and the game consisted of jumping from one ice block ( a “clamper”) to another in a competitive sport appropriately called “hop-wetting”. Since each block was too small to float a boy’s weight it was necessary to move fast to reach a sufficiently large clamper that each participant had designated as his end point.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 12.54.31 PM

With permission of the author.

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