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The path ii


Things said and done

We are not together, not one

My path is different from common ones

Dulcet scribbles in a cascade’s shun,

Had to digest, else, can cause constipation.

Words facades in your intuition

’cause your living in a glitzy mansion,

That fetters your trepidation

And cause you to slip in your hullicination.

Remember a contumacious rejection

Will cause the harm of the salvation.

Don’t flounder in a flood of confusion.

The signs for the path is casting till horizon,

Don’t ignore and be in transgressing unison.

Things said and done

Are we still together or one?

(I really the flash series)

Keep smiling

Aquib Khan

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Breaking News: The Great Lakes and Wyoming wolves remain federally protected!


wp-image-1570774010 Correction Update: Threats Mount For Wyoming Wolves 

Dear wolf advocates:

We have fantastic news! This morning the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia agreed the gray wolf in the Great Lakes and Wyoming should remain on the federal Endangered Species List.

Essentially, the federal appeals court has ruled against the Interior Department’s 2011 decision to delist the gray wolf under the Endangered Species Act. The court said, “Because the government failed to reasonably analyze or consider two significant aspects of the rule—the impacts of partial delisting and of historical range loss on the already-listed species—we affirm the judgment of the district court vacating the 2011 Rule.”

This decision re-affirms what we know: the wolf is a vulnerable and valuable species and needs federal protections for their long-term survival. The wolf is an important part of our state and nation’s ecology and culture. We have known all along…

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Saying I’m Sorry… Difficult?

Whitney Ibe Blog!...Always With You

There are people in life that will never apologize no matter what you say or do and there are people who would not stand to see another get hurt. There are also people who will never admit they were or are wrong, as long as they are concerned they are always right. They are pumpous, egoistic, overconfident, self-acclaimed perfectionist, and so on and so forth. If they offend you and you expect them to apologize, then you must be willing to wait all seasons because they won’t. Why is this so common today? I can’t seem to get my head around it.

Relationship are not devoid of such persons, there are people that have lost good relationships, marriages, careers, assistant, all because they could not say “I’m sorry” when they did something wrong. Let me ask, does it mean when we apologize for a wrong done we loose our dignity?…

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Memoirs of a Hayseed Physicist by Peter Martel


Part 5:
In The Beginning:
When we were young it was customary for children in the village to live life to the fullest, without any worries about the challenges that we might face later on. Nowadays, observing the stresses and strains imposed on my grandchildren, I have to conclude that our offspring are entering lives where they seldom get the chance to just “stand and stare”. I “stood and stared” but still earned the approbation of my father who seemed to be always pleased on seeing my report cards. By the time I had gotten to the eighth grade, however, I began to realize that he had trouble appreciating the subtleties of the subjects at that level.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 12.54.31 PM

With permission of the author.

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