He Was One Of Us

Soul On Rice

He was part of the lower class.

He was poor.

He hung out with lowly people, sinners and disreputable sorts.

He ate with them.

He didn’t rub elbows with the aristocracy.

He was innocent, yet the government of his time brought charges against him.

He was hunted, arrested, and sentenced to death.

His mother could do nothing but watch as governmental authorities murdered her son…

Without reason

Many people cheered and called it justice.

Others were horrified.

Sound familiar?

This is one part of the story of Jesus.

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A helping hand


Have you ever been engulfed in absolute darkness even while sitting in the middle of an over crowded room? Have you ever felt like you have lost the reason to wake up each morning?

What if I tell you that there are several like you. Who are thinking exactly what you are thinking right now, who have given up the reason to even survive in this world.

The scientific description ofDepressionis a state of lowmoodand aversion to activity that can affect a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings, andsense of well-being. Being in a century where majority of us are dying out of depression each day, how can we be so ignorant of it.

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Memoirs of a Hayseed Physicist by Peter Martel

The story begins 📖🖊 …


Part 1:
In The Beginning:
In the early morning of October fourth, 1957, a most amazing thing occurred. The Soviets launched Sputnik. As I lay in bed, listening to the news release, my mind was astounded by this wondrous feat. Subsequently, to my great surprise, this one single event was to have a profound effect on my life. It would open doors for me that, perhaps, I would never have been able to venture through.Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 12.54.31 PM

With the permission of the author

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Tara, de blogs y premios LV, testeos diversos


Del sánscrito Tara proviene uno de los nombres de la deidad femenina budista, la venerada bodishattva que renunció oportunamente a ingresar en el nirvana movida por su inmensa compasión. A ella están dedicadas las 108 cuentas del Japa Mala, cada una de las cuales se refiere a sus múltiples nombres que desde la plegaria convergen en meditación sanadora.

Etimológicamente, Tara significa tanto “estrella” como “aquella que hace atravesar”, en abierta alusión a su condición de guía de todos los seres hacia el conocimiento espiritual que trasciende el mundo de la ilusión. La sabiduría, ansiada y esquiva para aquellos que no pueden ver más allá de maya, es condición innata en Tara así como su inconmensurable compasión.

Su origen es tanto hinduista como budista: en el primer caso es Madre Creadora, Corazón de la Sabiduría y presencia bondadosa llamada para superar cualquier obstáculo material o espiritual; en el segundo es…

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Hommage à  Chester Bennington…


Ma vie au présent simple

Bien triste nouvelle ce matin…

Sa musique m’accompagne depuis tellement d’années… RIP Mr Linkin Park… 😔

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