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Everything happens for a reason & Her şeyin bir sebebi vardır..


1) I love you not for whom you are, but who i am when i’m by your side.

2) No person deserves your tears,and who deserves them won’t make you cry.

3) Just because someone doesn’t love you as you wish, it doesn’t mean you’re not loved with all his/her being.

4) A true friend is the one, who hold your hand and touches your heart.

5) The worst way to miss someone is, to be seated by him/her and know you’ll never have him/her.

6) Never stop smiling not even when you’re sad, someone might fall in love with your smile.

7) You may only be a person in this world, but for someone you’re the world.

8) Don’t spend time with someone, who doesn’t care spending it with you.

9) Maybe God wants you to meet many wrong people, before you meet the right one,so when it happens…

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Siberianos de Fuego, almuerzo en el lago Fagnano, Casa Beban


Las fotografías tomadas por Juan en el extremo sur del país rememoran, una vez más, el inolvidable viaje por Ushuaia. Entre los recuerdos de nuestros últimos días en la isla austral se encuentra la visita a Siberianos de Fuego, el criadero en el que conviven más de 100 perros de esta raza, con los cuidados especiales que cada uno requiere.

Siberianos de Fuego es un emprendimiento de la familia Flores y sus miembros se ocupan personalmente de la atención y el adiestramiento de estos hermosos perros originarios de la estepa rusa. Son animales nobles y cariñosos en los que se advierte a simple vista el afecto que tienen por sus cuidadores: apenas nos acercamos rivalizan en saltos, aullidos y gestos para recibir tanto la caricia de nuestro guía como las efusivas demostraciones de amor de los visitantes.

La cabaña en la que se emplaza la administración es un sitio…

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A Friend Indeed?…

Whitney Ibe Blog!...Always With You

I have always told myself and the people around me to be very careful when choosing a friend, for a good friend will bring out the best in you and make you shine while a fake or bad friend will break you in every way. A poem says ” If you have friendship with a person of bad character or reputation, you become as nameless and formless like the drop of water on a frying pan on a hot burning oven. The drop of water evaporates and disappears after a short while.”So it is when you have a bad friend, you cease to be good and will only be remembered for bad. Who needs such a friend?

You may be a polite, soft-spoken person of gentle manners while your friend may be domineering, rough, roguish and given to evil ways, it will only be a matter of time before…

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God’s Oneness ! / Eternal Happiness.


1 ) We Christians Confess That God Is One In Nature Substance And Essence.

2 ) God Is Supreme Being Who Is His Own Existence And Is Infinitely Perfect.

3 ) God Can Accomplish All Things In Him Nothing Is Impossible For Him.

4 ) God Made All Things Out Of Nothing By His Own Power,He Is All Knowing.

5 ) There Is Only One God And There Can Never Be Another.

God loves every Human being to the point He send his Only Son.

To Redeem The World.Who Ever Believes In Christ is saved.

God is yearning to those who seek him.He promises eternal life and His ,

Promise are True.When we love each other ,.When we treat the other as ourselves.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

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Climate Change !/ A Hoax Or A Reality ???UN Absence killing people.

Present Warnings

Amazing Tangled Grace

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse” (Romans 1:20).


The spirit of the Lord came to me in threedreams on separate occasions. The dreams were intended to communicate present warnings; commentaries on the current state of world affairs.

A man bought a house so large that he could not afford the upkeep. The house was collapsing around him, yet he toiled as though there was nothing wrong. After his predicament became plain to see, the man still delighted in the house. He clung desperately to what he thought he had until the house, along with its contents, finally faded into dust. The whole time, the enemy scurried about as a spider observing all that was happening. This was a metaphor of our culture and a dire…

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Moonlight Gloss

Tribute to Gentleness, Kindness and my Friend Barbara … ⭐️😊👍

Friendly Fairy Tales

Setting sun river

Moonlight glosses
dark waters.
Its silver light
beckons across
cold, silent space,
soothing us in our
troubled sleep.

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“You say black I say white”


You say bark I say bite
You say shark I say hey man
Jaws was never my scene
And I don’t like Star Wars


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