Reynard the Fox: Motifs

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150504_r26458-320Reynard” is a defining document of a vast tradition in Western art: the trickster story. Art and Picture Collection / The New York Public Library

You may wish to read Renart’s story in this fine article published by The New Yorker. Spelling Renart with a “d” is perfectly acceptable.


  • Antti Aarne
  • Stith Thompson (AT)
  • Hans-Georg Üther (ATU)

Finnish folklorist Antti Aarne  (5 December 1867 Pori – 2 February 1925 Helsinki)  was the first scholar to classify folktales. In the 19th century, an interest in folklore had developed. The search for folktales was in fact initiated by the Brothers Grimm who travelled throughout German-language states and collected its folklore. Germany had yet to be unified and folktales were seen as an expression of nationality and an element that could lead to nationhood. Nationalism is an ideology that dominated 19th-century Europe and it is associated with the development of folkloristics.


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