Back from the North

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Coming back from the beautiful barren North to the lush South was a culture shock at first. We utterly fell in love with the bleakness of the Scotland’s north coast and the Orkneys. Siri and Selma even wanted to stay there! But we also really liked the Outer Hebrides, where our journey started. We saw them as grand and sometimes even subarctic. And we didn’t try that much of the peaty whiskies that we couldn’t do quite some hiking in the mountains.

Von rauer Schönheit des Nordens zurück in den üppigen Süden zu fahren, war zunächst ein Kulturschock für uns. In die Kargheit der schottischen Nordküste und der Orkneys haben wir uns verliebt. Siri und Selma wollten gleich dort bleiben. Aber auch die Outer Hebrides, wo unsere Reise begann, fanden wir einfach großartig, geradezu subarktisch. Wir probierten nicht so viel leckeren torfigen Whisky, dass wir nicht auch einige Bergwanderungen unternehmen konnten.

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What one painter saw on a visit to Ellis Island | Ephemeral New York

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Based on her biographical information and many paintings of carefree beach scenes and small children, Impressionist Martha Walter appears to have been an artist with a charmed life who stuck to saf…

Source: What one painter saw on a visit to Ellis Island | Ephemeral New York

Take care and keep laughing!


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My Pain- And How I Use Writing To Self Medicate. As A Matter Of Fact I Am Trashed Right Now…

Don't Label My Kid! (Or Me!) Coaching-Counseling- Consulting

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I am using right now. Just so my junkie friends know I am keeping this legit.

Lately I have found myself writing a little more than usual. I just have felt much more at ease when I am entrenched and entranced in a post I am working on. It may sound odd but even when I am just breaking to do regular daily things that we all do like using the restroom, some chores, maybe a meal now and again , I feel that kind of urge to hurry and finish so I can get back to my blog.

It’s not healthy. I am a counselor, an adviser and consultant on mental health, behavioral health and addictions and have been for 20…

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How Great Is Our God?….

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I don’t think i can ever find an answer to this question, because every time i find an answer, he surprises me with another act that leaves me speechless and in awe.
Just as king David sang in Psalms ” Lord there is no good thing apart from you”, that’s how we can not boast in our lives because we have no life of our own and all we have belongs to God. If we know God is everything then we need to give him the glory he deserves. We need to realise he is the captain if our ships and we can be sure of safety, with no fear of storm not ship wreck.

Our God is great, he is the one who created the whole universe and is never limited by his creation. The only awesome God. Upon creation God gave us the gift of freewill and an…

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Tennessee Man Explores and Photographs Caves and the Results are Pretty Cool…

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  • Chris Higgins, from Knoxville, spends his free time exploring the more than 10,000 caves across the Americas
  • The photographer goes to extreme measures to capture the gigantic scale of the hidden caves and caverns
  • He hopes his work will encourage others to explore caves and highlight the importance of the environment
  • He has traveled Bahamas, Peru, Greece, and more recently Mexico in his journey of documenting caves

A Tennessee-based photographer has dedicated his life to exploring the depths of thousands of caves and cavernous areas across the United States and Central America.

Chris Higgins, from Knoxville, spends his free time exploring the more than 10,000 caves that are within hours of his home.

The photographer’s images capture the gigantic scale of some of the hidden wonders, as well as the extreme measures he and his team must go to in order to discover and document such locations.

Via: Daily Mail…

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Room to Bloom

Friendly Fairy Tales


Like a flower, just opened,
hiding secrets
in my heart,
I have room to bloom,
to stretch and expand
into sunshine,

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Reynard the Fox: Motifs

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150504_r26458-320Reynard” is a defining document of a vast tradition in Western art: the trickster story. Art and Picture Collection / The New York Public Library

You may wish to read Renart’s story in this fine article published by The New Yorker. Spelling Renart with a “d” is perfectly acceptable.


  • Antti Aarne
  • Stith Thompson (AT)
  • Hans-Georg Üther (ATU)

Finnish folklorist Antti Aarne  (5 December 1867 Pori – 2 February 1925 Helsinki)  was the first scholar to classify folktales. In the 19th century, an interest in folklore had developed. The search for folktales was in fact initiated by the Brothers Grimm who travelled throughout German-language states and collected its folklore. Germany had yet to be unified and folktales were seen as an expression of nationality and an element that could lead to nationhood. Nationalism is an ideology that dominated 19th-century Europe and it is associated with the development of folkloristics.


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Est modus in rebus (1)

How merciful He is!

Try to get it!


Some people think that Allah is the God of moslems…no He is not as they think..

Allah is the arabic translation of God…when I say Allah I mean Your God and my God …just one God…creator of all.

Best wishes!!!

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