Émile Vernon (1872-1919) – Art Bacchant

First Night Design

An Auburn Beauty

I am sure that the artist Émile Vernon and I must be related somewhere along the line! My father’s side of the family came over with William the Conqueror from a place called Vernon in France. I’m doing research on my family tree so I’ll let you know!

Source: Émile Vernon (1872-1919) – Art Bacchant

Take care and keep laughing!


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Alors, on danse?

Ma vie au présent simple

Danser sa vie, ne serait-ce pas d’abord prendre conscience que non seulement la vie, mais l’univers est une danse, et se sentir pénétré et fécondé par ce flot du mouvement, du rythme et du tout?”

Roger Garaudy

“Je loue la danse car elle libère l’homme de la lourdeur des choses et lie l’individu à la communauté. Je loue la danse qui demande tout, favorise santé et clarté de l’esprit et élève l’âme”

Augustin d’Hippone

Vous souhaitant à tous une très bonne apres-midi 🙏

La bise 😚


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Strawberry Moment

Friendly Fairy Tales

Fresh Strawberries in a white colander

dusty road
farmstand strawberries
spring in my step

Notes: This was written in honor of Suzanne’s new haiku prompt site, On the Road.

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Human Nature ! / Peculiar .


Once a wise man was asked .

“What is the strangest thing about Humans ?’

“Humans think childhood is boring,they rush to grow up.

When they do .They yearn to their precious childhood.

Humans jeopardize their health to accumulate riches ,

Then they spend their wealth to gain their health back.

Humans worry about the future and forget the present.

They end , not living the present nor the future at all.”

(( My Wife and l will take our vacation next week,from Los Angeles to Monterey

Red Wood,San Francisco, Lake Tahoe , then back Home.We will take the Amtrak and Buses.

Have a wonderful week ))

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Hey, Remember When American Actors were…AMERICAN???

Trigger Reset

We need to get back to speaking the truth in this nation, even if it “hurts” or “offends” the left.

Liberals are like diseased cockroaches, and the truth is like a kitchen light…when they see it, they scatter in fear. I’m surprised this “gentleman” didn’t run, or swat at Mr. Wayne with his purse…

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Est modus in rebus (2)

Storia illustrata



It’s Happening Here – Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell


I was out last night until midnight handing out flyers and I will be out again today handing out more and going door to door talking to people. They want to take some excellent park land and let the developers do their thing with it. (It’s called “intensification” and that means squeeze as many high rise units in as possible) It’s happening in Trosa, Sweden and Anna is fighting it there. I only found out about this yesterday. They are having a very under publicized meeting on Tuesday night that may well decide the fate of this prized public land. So today I’m posting Joni Mitchell’s song Big Yellow Taxi. Joni is a fellow Canadian and she was right on the mark on this issue. “We don’t know what we’ve lost till it’s gone”. 2:37 min. 2 MB.

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