To the left

Tooting Hustle

When getting the tube, it is common courtesy to walk on the left. Be it a staircase, a walkway or platform, you must walk to the left. So why is it when I am hurrying around like a typical Londoner, NOBODY WALKS ON THE BLOODY LEFT?

Especially when I am running late to work, they seem to come out in masses. They clog up the stairwells, as people have to shuffle their way around them. They make walking down a platform a nightmare. You just want to get out of the platform before the next overcrowded trains pulls in bringing more unsuspecting commuters.

Us Londoners deal with all sorts of unpredictable challenges: Tube strikes, signal failures and engineering works.


They must have 2 left hands, because it clearly says on the stairwells ‘keep left’. Or perhaps they mistook it for walk on both sides.


The most ironic thing is when…

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