En Ushuaia, el Tren del Fin del Mundo, Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego


Cuando el conquistador de origen portugués Hernando de Magallanes avistó tierra en las márgenes congeladas del canal Onashaga, su atención se dirigió hacia los enormes fuegos que refulgían sobre la costa. Los indios onas recurrían al calor de las fogatas para templar sus cuerpos ante las inclemencias climáticas de esa región desconocida: Magallanes bautizó Tierra del Fuego a la tierra que descubriera buscando el ansiado paso para llegar a las Indias, allá por el año 1520.

La isla más austral del mundo pertenece tanto a Argentina como a Chile; la capital de la provincia argentina Tierra del Fuego es Ushuaia, que en lengua yámana significa bahía del poniente. Los pueblos originarios fueron exterminados implacablemente en la región, primero por la colonización foránea y luego por la llamada Campaña del Desierto emprendida en el siglo XIX desde el gobierno central para ganar territorio; hoy sólo quedan unos pocos sobrevivientes de…

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Avec Amour, ton adolescent 🙏

Ma vie au présent simple

English version at the bottom of the article

“Chers parents,

Ce conflit dans lequel nous sommes maintenant, j’en ai besoin. J’ai besoin de ce combat. Je ne peux l’expliquer parce que je n’ai pas le vocabulaire pour le faire, et de toute façon ce que je dirais n’aurait pas de sens. Mais j’ai besoin de ce combat. Désespérément.

J’ai besoin de te détester pour le moment, et j’ai besoin que tu y survives. J’ai besoin que tu survives au fait que je te haïsse, et que tu me haïsses. J’ai besoin de ce conflit, même si je le hais. Peu importe ce sur quoi nous sommes en conflit : heure du couvre-feu, les devoirs, le linge sale, ma chambre en désordre, sortir, rester à la maison, partir de la maison, ne pas partir, la vie de famille, petit(e) ami(e), pas d’amis, mauvaises fréquentations. Peu importe. J’ai besoin de me battre…

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Mother’s Day Matters

Dr. Heather Wyatt-Nichol

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers & Other Mothers

MomDedicated to my mother:
Wyatt-Nichol, H. (2012). A view from the 50th street gate on Washington Avenue: Reflections of a working class academic. Journal of Public Affairs Education, 18(1), 17-28.

Wyatt-Nichol, H. (2009). Blue-collar mother/White-collar daughter: A perspective on U.S policies toward working mothers. Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering. 11(2), 111-121.

Dedicated to all Mothers:

Seabrook, R. & Wyatt-Nichol, H. (2015). Marginalization and hope: Personal narratives of previously incarcerated mothers. In J. Minaker, & B. Hogeveen, (Eds.) Criminalized mothers/Criminalizing motherhood. (pp.355-372). Bradford: Demeter Press

Wyatt-Nichol, H. (2015, Spring). Workplace Flexibility in Higher Education: Reflections on the National Challenge for Higher Education Conference. USM Women’s Forum Newsletter.

Wyatt-Nichol, H., Cardona, M., & Drake, K. (2012). Balancing work and family in higher education: Best practices and barriers. In O’Brien Hallstein, L. & O’Reilly, A. (Eds.) Academic motherhood in a…

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No 21 drawing in my goals for 2017

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

With inspiration from a classic Swedish space poem.

When the anxiety and doubt hit the passengers on the spacehip that lost track and never will return the get open cans of life and memories from where they come from before entering the spaceship.

They entered the spacehip because life on planet earth was no longer possible. They destroyed the planet with their unwise living style. They entered spacehip for a travel to planet b, but the spaceship broke and could no longer steering in the right direction.

My goal is to make about 103 drawings. I just finished no 21!

It’s an exciting drawing journey and I really like this project I’ve given myself. Now I just have to find more time to make new drawings.

The next one will probably be something with crocodile tears.

By the way, anyone of you who recognize the reference I use in the…

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Mother’s Waltz by swo8 Blues Jazz featuring the photography of Marilyn Armstrong


This video is called the Mother’s Waltz, a bitter sweet tribute to mothers and families everywhere, especially on Mother’s Day. It is a collaboration with the great American Author and Photographer, Marilyn Armstrong. The photographs in this video are a combination of Marilyn and her husband’s family and 6 generation of my family. It is times like this when family brings comfort. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.

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Storia illustrata

Substances ! / Delusion ! / Humans.


Once a wise man was asked .”

What is the strangest thing about humans ?”

He said .””Humans think childhood is boring.

They hurry to get older,when they do,

they yearn to the childhoods days.

Humans jeopardize their health to accumulate,

Wealth then they spend it to gain their health back.

Humans worry about the future and forget the present.

They end not living the present nor the future at all.

The many think they will live forever.

Forgetting the end visits everyone alive.””

Jalal MIchael Sabbagh-http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpres.com

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Happy Mothering Day

Happy Mothers Day Brenda 😊🍰🌹

Friendly Fairy Tales

Yellow and pink columbine flowers

Even Mother’s Day
is a mothering day.
A day of hair braiding,
breakfast sharing,

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