Gone With The Wind ! / Self Emancipation.

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Millions of people around the world watched the movie,

First time when it run in movie theaters on December 15, 1939.

The movie won ten Oscar rewards and global rewards.

Gone With The Wind ,remains to be ,one of the greatest movie,

Ever , produced in the capital of world magic land Hollywood.

The movie was based on a 1936 novel by Margaret Mitchell .

More than a million copies of the book were sold.

The author M. Mitchell, won the ” Politzer Prize.”

The novel was translated to more than forty language.

Watching the movie or reading the novel.A person comes,

To one conclusion .the emancipation of the masses and

About self emancipation from worldly attachment .

The Cross used to be considered a sign of weakness ,

And humiliation .But after Christ’s resurrection ,

The Cross became a sign of victory and salvation .

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At The Bar by L. Martel

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This is a 6″ x 8″ oil on canvas board that was started sometime last year. It is still unfinished and you can see how slow the development is from the first representation to the second when further work was done on it. It is the depiction of a young girl at ballet class and, as is the custom, she is doing her preparation at the bar. The face of the young girl needs further definition and there are other points that need more work. The painting is very small so the detailing is very fine and rather tedious.

SDC17701SDC17723 (1)

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hickory dickory

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Drunk Frat Boys Used Beached Shark as Can Opener – Demand Arrests

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Drunk spring breakers filmed themselves using a beached shark as a bottle opener, drinking beer off a star fish belly, and forcing a seagull back to their hotel room. Demand authorities find and prosecute these sick creeps.

Source: Drunk Frat Boys Used Beached Shark as Can Opener – Demand Arrests

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Storia illustrata

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El cisne negro

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Las crónicas del Otro Mundo

A través de este blog hemos pretendido en muchas ocasiones que fueran “Las crónicas del Otro Mundo” las que se comunicaran con los visitantes, las que hablaran por ellas mismas, las que convencieran a todo el que se asomara a este ventanal de que su vista puede merecer la pena. A fin de cuentas, fue al forjarse como manuscrito lo que dio comienzo y sentido a este blog.

Hoy volvemos a intentarlo. La historia se presenta a sí misma en una nueva enésima primera vez, pero ahora desde el principio, desde el justo comienzo. Así se origina el viaje a través de las páginas del Otro Mundo: he aquí los párrafos iniciales, los primeros pasos, que dieron pie a sus crónicas. Damas y caballeros, con todos ustedes el nacimiento del Capítulo 1: “El cisne negro”.

Era una mañana de brumas. Las frías aguas del estanque se mostraban grises…

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