treasure island

Great John would add one point make sure we include most world leaders and politicians and corrupt police as upholding countries principles and law and order then becoming corrupt is worst .. Years ago a policeman was to be trusted now they are worst than some villains as you know what they do … Ian ⭐️😊👍



One of my dreams, and i have many, is to own a barren island in shark-infested waters. My friends and i hunt down undesirables – corrupt and self-serving public officials, bankstas and racketeers, rapists, molesters, drug and child traffickers, enslavers..the list is long, and when we capture them we drop them naked from a helicopter onto the island where they spend the rest of their days.

treasure island

bald knob in shark sea
one hundred acres of rock
a hundred miles from anywhere
my mates and me fly over on a thursday
to drop from a height buck and doe naked
our round-up for the week

if they land rough
a precious joint or two out

and half a ton of fish ‘n’ chips we reckon’s enough
to keep an assembly alive barely

water’s where they find it
in shallow pools among stones
and how they manage…

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El acróbata invisible

Great post Adrian and Carlos love Radiohead … ⭐️😊👍

Las crónicas del Otro Mundo

Es un ser extraño rodeado de otros seres extraños que, paradójicamente, no se sienten extraños entre sí. Él, ella, ese ser extraño, vive en un mundo ajeno al de ellos, un mundo más oscuro en el que se desdibuja como si su efigie se trasparentara. Mientras tanto, todos los demás seres extraños cohabitan en un mundo más luminoso, más radiante, tan resplandeciente que se pueden percibir con absoluta claridad sus plantas, alzados y perfiles. Resulta chocante que se trate de dos caras de una misma realidad, que todos habiten un mismo mundo, aunque unos usen contornos definidos y opacos que los identifican a la primera y ese ser extraño haga gala involuntariamente de su translucidez.

Pasa de puntillas por el mundo porque quiere, o porque no puede ni sabe ni intenta hacerlo de otra manera. Lo único que alcanza a intuir es que se siente perdido en un mundo que…

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Le Shampooing by L. Martel

Another winner to add to the collection Leslie … ⭐️😊👍


This is a 20″ x 24″ oil on canvas called Le Shampooing. The painting was started many years ago and put aside because life got in the way. To remind you, this is International Women’s Day. We’ve been told we shouldn’t spend any money today, we shouldn’t go to work and we should just take the day off. Yeh, like that’s going to happen.  Life still gets in the way. So I resumed this painting and it has had a four hour rework. Now it must dry before I can continue. The first one is before the four hours and the last painting is after. Progress is slow. You can see the areas that were worked on – the drapery, flowers on the jug and basin and a little on the body. Flesh is difficult to do I think Renoir was the master there. The basin is not regular…

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