neighbours observed – Ellen

Nice story John and perfect to share with friends like a good wine, so smooth and with that hint of sweetness within … It just flows … ⭐️😊👍


Ellen is elegant, slim and petite.
She says, ‘I hate it when i hear anyone using the term vertically challenged, so ugly. I may be five foot nothing but i don’t consider myself challenged. Why would anyone think someone else is challenged just because he or she is short? I’m not challenged in any way, i know my worth.’
Five years ago, Ellen resigned her teaching post at the age of forty-five.
‘Couldn’t take it any more,’ she said. ‘There was a time teachers were respected, especially Maths teachers like me, you know how much emphasis we place on Maths and Science here, but the kids have changed. Now they’re in love with the virtual world, their phones and people they’ve never met, and they’re in love with themselves and have become precious, a broken nail is a catastrophe and enough to send them to the emergency room. And of…

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