Conference Co-ordinator

Great post John … I have met both types of women in mamgement those you describe in your post and today’s well groomed and empowered and found as you say that your description fits better … I used to call these women super efficient and organised … Pencil and clipboard not iPhone and pad … It truly is a very different world of coordinators today … Ian ⭐️😊👍


The male variety is usually harried and under a great deal of self-imposed pressure, hence the quick movements, the stolen glances at the watch, the tousled hair and the underfed look. His female counterpart is much more self-possessed and often cuts a forbidding figure in her sensible black shoes and long grey pleated skirt. Other marks of identification are the swept-back hair, the sawn-off spectacles, the single row of cultured pearls, the carefully pared pencil and the black clipboard. You just know at a glance she has every intention of making the thing run as smoothly as possible.

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