hands off!

Great post John and it reminds me of when l was a child and my parents dressed me in a ‘ Safari Suit ‘ did l look and feel like a fool and children took the Pee of course … I nicknamed it my Safari So-Goody Suit ahh those not so golden childhood memories … ⭐️😊👍


you know them
by their desert boots and thick wool socks
shirts in primary colours for proper definition
those khaki shorts
barnacled colonials in the tropics used to favour
state-of-shoot waistcoats with a dozen slots
for light meters and dedicated fiddly bits

and uberposse disposition
sky and earth no limit
measuring tweaking outglibbing
one another half a day
and then a wrangler’s crozier
down my hole to drag me out

as if sunshine’s not hard enough
on one lightshy as me
a lamp in the face and ‘rolling’
and a voice starting everything with ‘I’
the ‘I Monster’ commentary
you know isn’t Attenborough’s
’cause he puts us first and speaks third person
and has the grace not to handle

‘I’m riskin it here’ the monster confides
‘one bite and…’
alas i’ve not had much luck
how brave he must be
to stroke my clamped muzzle

i wouldn’t mind if they’d…

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